27 first communion 2022 pant suits for girls who don’t want to wear a dress

If your daughter makes her First Communion this year, surely you are already immersed in the preparations for this celebration, where the children’s costumes take on a great role.

Although traditionally Communion dresses have always been marked by the classic trend of “sailors” for them and “princesses” for them, in recent years there are several fashion firms that have begun to bet on modernity and originality to the time to dress the little ones, especially the girls.

And it is that there are many girls who do not feel comfortable wearing brand new long dresses or tulles, and who find it difficult to see themselves identified in the models that the windows of this type of stores wear. For this reason, we have made a selection of original and elegant pantsuits for Communion .

Communion jumpsuit (El Corte Inglés)

El Corte Inglés joins the fashion of trouser suits for communion with this elegant jumpsuit model ‘Chloe’ in white, with pleated elephant leg pants, ruffled sleeves and a beautiful belt with floral decoration.

  • Price : 195 euros.

Bethel Model (Zapatando)

Although this model belongs to past collections, it can still be purchased through the Zapatando website . It is an ecru jumpsuit with a ruffled shirt superimposed in shades of pink and tulle fabric. An elegant set with which girls will be especially comfortable.

  • Check price through the web questionnaire .

Suit models with pants (What a monkey!)

On the web ‘What a monkey!’ You can find this set of culotte pants with a Japanese jacket . The pants have a zipper closure, a button on the front and an adjustable elastic waistband, and the jacket has a front and back closure. Both garments have ecru tan cuffs.

  • The jacket can be purchased from 135 euros, and the pants from 80 euros.

Also in the store ‘What a monkey!’ we find this other set consisting of pants and blouse , which provides an original and alternative touch.

The pants have an elephant leg and are made of crepe and white tulle. At the waist, it is adorned with a tulle trim. In addition, it has rubber eyelets to adjust the width of the waist from the back of the pants.

For its part, the blouse is made of crepe with a lot of fall, it has a flattering gather at the front neckline and it has tulle wings on the sleeves.

  • The pants can be purchased from 185 euros, and the blouse from 60 euros.

Pant Suits (Hortensia Maeso)

The fashion firm Hortensia Maeso offers Communion garments for girls with a fresh, casual and very original style. Wide pants, openings, frock coats, sailor suits, salmon colors… all the models incorporate details that make them truly surprising.

These are the four models of trouser suits from the 2022 collection that you can buy at any of the stores that the firm has in Valencia and Madrid.

Communion Monkeys (Amaya Sánchez)

Amaya Sánchez’s Communion 2022 collection offers various models of jumpsuits with beautiful and romantic designs, whose finishes, transparencies and handcrafted details give them a particularly elegant air.

If you want to acquire any of the models that we share with you below, contact the fashion firm through its website.

And it is also possible to buy Communion jumpsuits from past collections through the Los 3 Ositos fashion website . These are the Amaya Sánchez pants models that you can find:

Ceremonial monkeys (Abel and Lula)

The Abel y Lula fashion firm includes ceremonial clothing for girls that is also perfect for First Communion. We particularly liked these two models:

Beautiful embroidered tulle jumpsuit with sash in the same fabric. It has ruffled sleeves, a V-shaped back and an invisible zipper closure on the back.

  • Price: 89.95 euros.

Jumpsuit made of crepe with a lot of volume and V back. The bottom part is pleated, which provides an original and elegant look for the occasion.

  • Price: 69.95 euros.

Communion jumpsuits (‘Chic and Chic’)

On the ‘Chic and Chic’ fashion website you can find this beautiful ecru ceremony jumpsuit , ‘Lucía’ model. The leg of the pants is wide and has a drop that gives it a lot of movement. The body has a ruffle in glitter bambula from the sleeve to the back, and it has a belt with a front bow in the same fabric.

  • Price : 199.90 euros .

Communion jumpsuit model ‘Coral’ made of bambula plumeti with French sleeves finished off with a lace. Fabric with plumeti bambula drop, which gives it a lot of movement and elegance.

  • Price : 219.90 euros.

Jumpsuit for ceremony model ‘Enara’. It’s made of off-white crepe and has a V-neckline at the back. It is short-sleeved, with a pretty lace on the sleeve and on the waist.

  • Price : 219.90 euros.

Jumpsuit for ceremony, in sparkling tulle model ‘Aria’. It has cape-type sleeves, and it goes with an overskirt fastened by a removable blue velvet strap.

  • Price : 239.90 euros.

Jumpsuit for ceremony, model ‘Diana’. It has a ruffle at the front and a self-fabric tie at the waist. Made of off-white crepe.

  • Price : 199 euros.

Ceremonial jumpsuit in organza and pink . It is fitted at the waist, with flowers in the center as a belt. The body is low cut at the back. It has a ruffle as the sleeves of the same pink organza fabric.

  • Price : 299.90 euros .

Original pants models (Navascués)

The haute couture firm Navascués offers us these two original trouser designs that we present below. This first one belongs to a model called ‘Alex’ and it is a beautiful white jumpsuit with original details that make it unique.

  • To know more details and price, contact them through their website.

This second model, called ‘Austriaco’ , has particularly caught our attention due to its originality, since it is an elegant short pant covered by an open dress with buttons at the front.

  • To know more details and price, contact them through their website.

Not all girls want to dress up as a princess.

The day of the First Communion is especially emotional and significant for many families, in which a suit should not be a source of disgust for the boy or girl protagonist. That is why it is so important that our children find the model that makes them feel comfortable and identified with their own essence , since in the end, what it is about is enjoying and remembering that moment with enthusiasm.

Parents who are fully involved in the search for suits for our children’s First Communion realize how much fashion has changed for children’s ceremonies in recent years . And it is that some time ago it was very difficult to find Communion models that did not follow the established classic patterns, especially in the case of girls.

But not all girls dream of becoming princesses on the day of their First Communion, nor do they feel comfortable wearing lace, tulle, huge bows or cancan dresses.

It is for this reason, -and also because times change-, that there are more and more fashion firms that seek to satisfy the tastes of all the little ones on this magical and special day, betting on original, avant-garde and practical models that cover all expectations.

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