5 ways to get repeat bookings, know more about it

Repeat tenants are tenants who return to your home repeatedly. These are people who make reservations repeatedly. And you know what ?

“A faithful tenant is worth two”

And loyal tenants are the best tenants you can have . Here’s why :

  1. Loyal renters are predictable: you know what to expect with them, and they know what to expect with your rental
  2. Loyal Tenants Cost Nothing: Unlike the cost of time and money to acquire a new tenant, a loyal tenant requires no cost to retain.
  3. Loyal tenants are more lenient: since you have already been in contact with them before, the contact will be much easier and warmer for subsequent reservations.
  4. Loyal tenants advertise you: they recommend your rental to their friends, families, etc. Learn more about izdavanje stanova novi sad.

Now that you understand the value of a loyal tenant, I can tell you about these 5 methods you can use to retain your tenants:

1. Treat them like friends

The best way to make your tenants feel like friends is to treat them like friends.

Keep in touch with your former tenants. Share crispy information with them by email: anecdotes, interesting article, nice photo, etc…

It doesn’t take a lot of time, you just need to do a bulk mailing using your email service.

Show your tenants that you care about them and they will bond with you.

Don’t be like those embittered renters who are only interested in their guests for the money. Appreciate your tenants sincerely.

But if you got into seasonal rental, I think it’s partly because you like meeting new people and interacting with them 😉

2. Tell them stories

Learn how to compile fun, interesting, or inspiring stories about your vacation rental (or the region) to convey personality, confidence, authenticity…

And above all to show your guests that you love sharing with them.

3. Ask them for feedback

There’s no better way to win someone over to your cause than to get them involved.

Ask your past renters what you could improve in your vacation renter.

Take a survey to get their opinion on the spa you are about to install, the new color of the kitchen, etc.

The tenants who will help improve your seasonal rental offer are tenants who have proven their loyalty to you.

4. Give them a reason to come back

No, I’m not talking about the “loyalty card”. Here, I’m talking about a real reason to come back, a concrete reason (apart from the simple reduction).

Because it is imperative to build a long-term relationship with your tenant.

It could be, for example, a new traditional restaurant that has just opened in the village next door, a special event, a new activity to do in the region, a farm animal that has just given birth to babies, etc…

5. Social networks

I never liked spending a lot of time on social media. But used well, they can be effective for retention and for keeping in touch with your former tenants.

Create a Facebook page dedicated to your rentals, or a Twitter account… And use these communication channels to share information with your former tenants.

Put into practice this week one of the methods you have just discovered. You will see results quickly.

Retaining your tenants is the best way to sustain your seasonal rental business.

This is the best way to become completely independent from ad sites and search engines.

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