Adidas, Estrella Galicia and Sony, among those confirmed for the Digital

Adidas, Estrella Galicia and Sony, among those confirmed for the Digital 1to1 Spring Edition: March 16 and 17 in Portaventura

When you work, you work. But when you work and enjoy, much better. This year, the renowned retail and digital marketing meeting, Digital 1to1 Spring Edition, took both premises seriously and chose the Port Aventura Convention Center (Tarragona) as the meeting place for the next edition, which will take place on the 16th and March 17 . There are already more than 350 registered professionals and the presence of companies such as Adidas , Estrella Galicia, FC Barcelona and Sony Music has been confirmed . At the end of the day of personalized agendas, the participants will be able to enjoy the amusement park exclusively before the season begins.

60% of registered participants so far have already shared specific challenges that they hope to solve with the help of the solutions that they will discover at the event and possibly contract after this edition of Digital 1to1. The total sum of the budgets that the companies attending the event will allocate to invest in technological solutions is expected to exceed 12 million euros.

The organization of the event will be in charge of the Digital 1to1 company , which has been coordinating high-level professional networking meetings for more than 10 years. Its matchmaking system is responsible for matching the needs of eCommerce and retailers with the most appropriate digital solutions so that all meetings are relevant.

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Pre-scheduled and tailored 20-minute appointments

Time optimization is key, attendees will have 20-minute appointments, pre-scheduled according to their needs, to expose their challenges to digital solutions that can help them achieve their goals when it comes to selling online or reinforcing their omnichannel strategy. After this first contact, they will be able to continue with the conversations during the rest of the day in the different networking activities.

Among the companies that have already confirmed their attendance are names such as Adidas, Estrella Galicia, Dosfarma, FC Barcelona, ​​Sony Music or Revlon that will be able to meet with solutions such as Checkout, Floa, Vtex, Zendesk or Talkdesk, among many others.

Digital 1to1, a company specialized in networking

Far from being the year of recovery, 2021 was a year full of challenges at all levels for eCommerce and national retail. Problems in the supply chain, waves of new restrictions and an increasingly demanding and more expert consumer who no longer responds in the same way to the usual marketing campaigns.

Business as usual no longer works and that is why the need to connect between the assets of the Spanish eCommerce ecosystem has grown. Companies that share their challenges and digital solutions that adapt their capabilities in response to the real needs of retailers, brands, pure players and eCommerce.

From this need for connection, networking was born and, with it, professional networking events.

In this sense, Digital 1to1 was created with the aim of creating events in which decision makers from the most recognized national and international companies can escape from their day to day to share and reconnect with each other and, at the same time, get to know new digital solutions that will help them improve their strategies.

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