Etisalat Metro Station Dubai

A Guide to Etisalat Metro Station in Dubai

Etisalat Metro Station is a key stop located on the Dubai Metro’s Green Line route towards Al Qusais. Part of Dubai’s state-of-the-art rail network since 2011, the station is named after telecom provider Etisalat’s nearby corporate headquarters.

This guide takes you through all the need-to-know details about Etisalat Metro Station to help improve your transit experience. Know more about Dubai metro 2024 map.

Background and History

Here are some fascinating facts behind Etisalat Station’s inception:

  • Constructed as part of Dubai Metro’s Green Line Phase 1 expansion
  • Named after Etisalat telecom giant headquartered 650 meters away
  • Located strategically adjoining major office and residential buildings
  • Connects key neighborhoods like Al Rigga, Deira, Garhoud, Mirdif
  • Architecture features glass roofing and modern steel/concrete structures
  • Caters to Etisalat’s 3000+ headquarters staff commuting daily

Right from planning stages, the metro line alignment and station sites factored population density and growth potential.

Notable Aspects

As a vital part of Dubai’s slick transit network, Etisalat Metro Station has some noteworthy features:

  • Footbridges allowing quick access to Etisalat building from metro
  • High capacity three-carriage trains to handle rush hour crowds
  • Tactile guidance floor paths aiding navigation for visually impaired
  • Baby stroller area and wheelchair accessibility
  • Airport-style travelators and escalators speeding movement
  • Display screens with real-time train schedules and route updates

The logistical foresight in infrastructure allows the station to accommodate expansions as ridership grows.

Amenities and Facilities

Catering to daily commuters, Etisalat Station provides helpful amenities:

  • Covered Taxi Pickup Point outside Exit 1 for first/last mile connectivity
  • RTA NOL Card Self-Service Machines for quick top-ups enroute
  • Retail store for drinks, snacks and everyday essentials
  • Operating Room to handle system equipment and maintenance
  • High-speed WiFi coverage allowing connectivity throughout
  • Public payphones and charging points

The range of offerings provide for basic needs of passengers transiting daily.

Nearby Attractions

Aside from Etisalat Headquarters itself, the metro station grants quick access locally to:

  • Al Rigga Residential Community
  • World Trade Center Souk
  • Hamarayn Shopping Center
  • United Hospital

Residents of the populous nearby areas depend heavily on the metro station for their daily transit rides to work or leisure spots across Dubai.

Using Etisalat Metro Station

To help you find your way around Etisalat Station:

  • Four entry/exit gates connect to the main station concourse
  • Clearly marked NOL card reader machines at gates
  • Follow overhead signage steering passengers to routes
  • Access lifts or escalators to reach platforms
  • Trains heading onwards from Etisalat go towards Creek, Healthcare City, and Al Jadaf

Commuter crowds and pedestrian traffic is usually the heaviest during weekday mornings and early evenings.

Future Expansion Plans

To serve growing ridership, future plans entail:

  • New retail spaces with waiting areas by 2023
  • Extended bus lane and upgraded taxi stands
  • Additional 8 entry/exit gates
  • Widened footbridge linking Etisalat Headquarters


From state-of-the-art architecture to sheer daily foot traffic, Etisalat Metro Station stands as both a literal and metaphorical bridge connecting Dubai’s premium transit and telecom infrastructure. With multi-modal connections, the station grants tens of thousands of riders seamless connectivity channeling the pulse of a bustling modern city.

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