Good friday: the sustainable alternative to Black Friday

We have the solution to Black Friday! We launched Good Friday with the aim of raising awareness about the need to learn to consume in an environmentally friendly way. We are advocates of ethical consumption and together we have the ability to influence the environment in a positive way. Know more about clementoni puzzle.

Good Friday is the alternative to Black Friday and seeks to promote intelligent and conscious consumption in the face of the environmental effects of mass consumption .

Give thrift a try on Good Friday

One of the most harmful factors for the environment during this day is the increase in CO2 that occurs in the mass production of new products. With the sole purpose of being able to cover the great demand that occurs during Black Friday. You might be interested in metal puzzle.

And that is why on this important date we encourage you to bet even more on second-hand items and the reasons are simple: by participating in the circular economy you help prevent the production of new products and also, if you do it with us you have all this:

full guarantee

  • Guarantee of origin: we verify that what we buy is in order with the competent authorities.
  • Performance guarantee: our products are tested by professionals in each category
  • Return guarantee: you have 14 days to return it
  • Free shipping if you make your purchase online
  • 2 years warranty

security and trust

You are backed by an organization that knows what it is doing, we have been in the sector for more than 25 years, we have more than 70 physical stores in Spain and a great team of professionals who will help you with whatever you need. Learn more about lego puzzle.

Tips for a great Good Friday

Choose the local business

Local commerce is one of the sustainable solutions for this Black Friday. How to participate in it? Bet on local commerce: buy in our more than 70 physical stores and if you buy in our online store choose: “click and collect”.

practice the 3rs

  • Reduce your impulse: Buy only what you need
  • Reuse products: Bet on the second hand
  • Recycle what you don’t use: Give your items a second life

This Black Friday get out of the darkness of the consumption of new items and enlighten yourself with the guarantee and savings of second-hand products. Because responsible and conscious consumption is also possible on Black Friday.
you decide: “Choose which side you are on”

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