How to Work and Earn Money on Fiverr in 2022?

To develop an online freelance activity and make a living from your skills, the Fiverr marketplace is an excellent springboard.

Fiverr is one of the few digital platforms that allows you to offer your services to customers in a variety of fields (marketing, writing, programming, etc.), to negotiate your own contracts independently, without intermediaries, and to get paid. safely. 

In this article, I offer you a complete guide on how to get started on Fiverr and make money from home.

From the mode of operation of the platform to the different possibilities of remuneration it offers you, through the terms of registration and payment… I’ll explain everything to you!

Fiverr is an online work platform that offers paid services to customers around the world in different areas: writing, translation, video editing, programming, graphics and many other forms of creation. arts, among others.

The main advantage with Fiverr is that the platform allows you to make money and live off your skills without leaving the comfort of your home or while traveling.

All you need is a good internet connection, solid notions and some experience in one or more fields of activity, and a sense of negotiation.

To generate money and you too get your share of Fiverr’s hundred million annual turnover ( 107.1 million dollars in 2019 ), you must first understand how it works…

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr allows its users to register as a buyer, or as a seller. The platform gives buyers the possibility of selecting freelancers (thus sellers, assuming that they sell their services) to perform tasks, against a certain remuneration, on the basis of their profile. 

Regarding the payment of services, the basic minimum rate is 5 dollars, but there is the possibility of charging much more depending on the quantity and quality of the work carried out.

Seriousness, dynamism and the number of years of experience are other factors that influence remuneration on Fiverr.

Using Fiverr as a freelancer first and foremost requires registration and creating a freelancer account.

How to register on Fiverr and create a Freelancer account?

1. Access the platform

You can access the platform on if you have no difficulty expressing yourself in English, or on if you prefer French.

2. Register and create an account on Fiverr

You can register and create your account in the “join” or “register” section on the French interface.

You will need to identify yourself by providing all the information that the platform asks you.

After checking the data entered, you will have to finalize the creation of your account with the confirmation email that will be sent to you.

3. Expand and enhance your account

It is very important for the future, to choose a good profile photo, to fill in as many fields as possible in the description part, and to position yourself as an expert in one, two or three specific areas. 

For the photo, it must be professional enough (clean background, showing just the bust).

As far as domains are concerned, you have to choose a few of which you have a perfect command of the contours.

The mistake would be to present yourself as a freelancer capable of doing everything (or almost), in an attempt to attract a lot of customers. It can be seen as a lack of expertise in a particular field, anything that could be detrimental to you in your search for jobs.

How to offer your services on Fiverr and create an offer (Gig)?

On Fiver, we do not apply for offers, as is the case on Upwork or other freelance platforms.

You can, however, offer services, called “Gigs”, and create offers. Here’s how to do it….

1. Create gigs

When you start on Fiverr, you may have trouble identifying the Gigs to offer to customers. This is completely normal, especially if you have little or no freelancing experience.

A practical tip is to go around the different categories of services listed to see which ones are highlighted.

The number of fulfilled orders is specified in parentheses near the seller rating. This will give you an idea of ​​the most popular Gigs on Fiverr. 

It will then be up to you to take stock of your skills, what you are passionate about as an activity, the software you master, etc.

By putting all this in parallel with the Gigs offered on the platform, you will have an idea of ​​the services you can offer to customers, and all you have to do is learn how to formulate relevant offers.

2. Make relevant offers

To formulate relevant offers, start by choosing a catchy title. Take care to write a powerful and qualitative presentation of what you offer, with keywords, your prices, and a nice “find out more” thumbnail. This will encourage prospects to click on it to learn more about your offer, and why they should bet on you.

You can do all this classically in writing. But the platform also allows you to make a video that details the services you are able to offer, to increase your visibility.

In either case, you will need to enter 5 keywords that will help potential customers find your gig.

You will also have to specify your prices by planning an upscale to have 3 different prices.

3. Add a FAQ

Fiverr makes it possible to go further by publishing a Frequently Asked Questions page on the gigs presentation page. This makes it possible to answer the questions that the offer may raise, and to shed more light on prospects.

They will understand better what you offer, and this is something that customers appreciate because it saves time.

After all that, all you have to do is publish your gig, and wait for interested people to contact you. This will happen more easily if you manage to quickly make yourself known on Fiverr…

How to get known on Fiverr?

To make yourself known on Fiverr it is possible to use keywords, tags, positive reviews and collect badges. It is also necessary to avoid order cancellations as much as possible, and to respond quickly to customers.

1. Use keywords

When formulating your gig, you need to think about the words that buyers will enter into the search engine on Fiverr to request the service.

These are the ones you will need to use for your offer to appear while ranking among the top search results.

The keywords should appear as often as possible in the description of your gigs.

Be careful however: it is not a question of inserting them wrongly and through, but rather in a natural way, so that your profile is referenced.

2. Use tags

Tags, like keywords, allow customers to easily find Gigs.

To help you formulate relevant tags, you can use the search bar to find out if a tag already exists, and if it indicates well enough the gig you want to offer. 

If necessary, don’t hesitate to take inspiration from the tags that the best sellers offering the same services frequently use in their descriptions.

3. Respond to customers quickly

Response time to customers is extremely important on Fiverr. Customers have access to it by viewing your profile.

It is important that you get into the habit of responding promptly, because the client wants to be reassured that you are dynamic, that you will save him time, or failing that, that you won’t lose it. You might be interested in how to rank Fiverr gig on first page of Google by Shaz Vlog or you can check more interesting articles on our site.

The issues related to response time go far beyond that, because Fiverr uses it as a criterion to assess your professionalism and recommend you (or not) in the future.

A response time between 3 and 5 hours or half a day, on average, is quite reasonable.

4. Collect Badges

Fiverr distributes badges to top sellers based on their performance. These are sorts of rewards that recognize your accomplishments on the platform and encourage you to keep going.

Badges will allow you to gain visibility.

5. Get positive reviews

Every time you interact with a buyer, do everything to satisfy them and exceed their expectations so that they leave you positive reviews.

Reviews with less than 3 stars will lower you in the rankings of the algorithm and you will lose visibility.

6. Minimize order cancellations

This is an attitude to avoid because order cancellations negatively affect your statistics, and not only a little.

I advise you to take the time to fully understand the expectations of customers, before they place their orders.

It is equally important to communicate sufficiently with customers during the processing of the order, to take into account any changes.

Meeting delivery deadlines is essential if you want to get paid.

How does payment work on Fiverr?

As compensation for connecting with customers and guaranteeing secure payments, Fiverr will earn a 20% commission on all your earnings.

There are several payment methods on the platform, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

How to get money back on Fiverr?

  • US bank transfer. 

There is a direct bank account deposit option, but it is only available to freelancers residing in the United States.

  • Through PayPal

You must open a Paypal account (or use your current account if you already have one) and link it to your bank account. However, you will only be able to withdraw your winnings 14 days after a service has been provided.

  • Payments to the Fiverr Revenue Card.

This card is completely flexible and works like a regular bank withdrawal card. It is provided by Payoneer, and considered by many freelancers to be the best payment method.

To get a Fiverr revenue card, you will need to register with Payoneer, then apply for a prepaid card, and link it to your Fiverr account. 

In case of withdrawal from your main account on Fiverr to your card, you will be charged a fee of $1, regardless of the amount of the withdrawal, and you will receive your money within 48 hours. You can be paid in a shorter time, but for this, you will be charged $3 per withdrawal instead of $1.

In short

Fiverr is currently one of the best platforms to offer paid services online and make money from anywhere.

It allows you to work independently, develop your freelance activity and make a living from it without having to canvass clients.

You now have all the keys to start and prosper on Fiverr a freelance activity based on your skills.

So, what are you waiting for to take action?

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