Meaning Of The Name Yara, Origin, Personality & Numerology

Do you like the name Yara for your future daughter? Are you already looking for the definitive name and have doubts? So, keep reading for Babies and discover what the meaning of the name Yara is , as well as its origin, personality, saints, diminutives, variations, celebrities who bear this name, what numerology says and the popularity of this girl’s name in Spain. Yara is a girl’s name and find more interesting articles on our site.

What does Yara mean?

Its etymology indicates that this girl’s name derives from the Tupí iara-, which is literally “lady” . It is one of the distinctive nicknames that were applied to the honest, noble, kind woman with a flattering and important social position. Its contemporary use is extended throughout Latin America, Spain and some English-speaking places.

Origin of the name Yara

Yara, along with Tabaré, Iracema and Jacaranda, is one of the few girls’ names of Tupi origin that have been preserved to the present day.

Diminutives and variations of the name Yara

The only diminutive of Yara extended is Yar and the only variation of this name is Iara . In addition, there is no translation into other languages, so in other countries it is written the same.

Personality of the name Yara

As its meaning indicates, it is considered that, on the one hand, women named Yara are kind, honest, noble , but on the other hand, they are temperamental, with a lot of character and who like to put order and guide others. others , without imposing itself on the opinions of others.

Despite the fact that having a somewhat strong character, they are sometimes believed to be grumpy and strict, the truth is that they are very sensitive, empathetic and seek to make others feel comfortable, helping to bring peace and order, as well as inviting dialogue. They are always willing to help, but they also expect to be helped by their loved ones when they need it.

In addition, they have a calm and somewhat reserved personality, so they can sometimes be shy or shy.

Celebrities with the name Yara

  • Yara Shahidi: American actress.
  • Yara Greyjoy: fictional character from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series and the Game of Thrones series.
  • Yara Martínez: American television actress.
  • Yara Puebla Huguet: Spanish actress and producer.

Yara Saint’s Day

The day of the Saint of Yara is celebrated by some on May 31 and by others on November 1 .

Numerology Of The Name Yara

According to what numerology tells us, the number 9 is the one to accompany women called Yara in their day to day, since it is the number that is most related to them in terms of their luck.

Popularity of the first name Yara

If we look at the data obtained by the INE (National Institute of Statistics), we can see that the name Yara is more popular in the north of Spain. Specifically, in recent years, data has been collected showing that there are 1,940 women named Yara in Spain and their average age is 15.2 years .

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