Mercedes EQE, with autonomy of up to 660 km

The Mercedes EQE is the fully electric E-Class. Outside with a curved design, minimalist lines and shorter than the S-Class. And inside, very spacious and super technological and digital.

Although the EQS is the electric version of the Mercedes S-Class, now the brand is launching the EQE which is its electric E-Class and will be launched on the market in the second half of 2022. Know more about Isuzu ne shitje.

It is a vast car that is offered within the segment of large saloons and sedans , with components of maximum functionality.

It has been built on the basis of the Mercedes platform for electric cars  EVA2 , and its dimensions based on its significantly shorter overhangs than the E-Class (it is 27 cm shorter than the S-Class) are as follows:

MERCEDES EQUIPMENT length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
  4.95 1.96 1.51 3.12 430

It is true that, having placed its electric motor on the rear axle, it has made the EQE lose volume in its trunk compared to the E-Class, with its 430-liter capacity, somewhat scarce for a car almost 5 meters long.

The design of the new EQE points a lot to the current CLS , following the current guidelines of the brand, with a powerful front with “High Performance” diode headlights and its internal configuration in the shape of an arrow, its large “Black Pannel” blind grill presided over by the star and with dominant curved lines on the windshield pillars forming a very special curved design. In addition, the roof that goes down to the rear is finished off with a small spoiler that is integrated into the trunk lid.

Its diode taillights follow the minimalist line implemented by Mercedes and its running gear repeats the large diameter wheels of the EQS with faired rims from 19” to 21” .

Its global line aims to assume the aesthetics of the E-Class and the current CLS since its mission is to form the electric version of both , with a 4-door coupé style, flush handles and its rounded aerodynamic shapes that unify the roof as a single element. , window and trunk lid.

Inside super digitized

The passenger compartment is especially well cared for and very well finished, its main attributes being :

  • Digital dashboard chaired by the  MBUX Hyperscreen multimedia system , on it there is a large giant screen made up of three individual ones:
    • the first for the  instrument panel, 12.3”
    • another central 17.7” for multimedia functions
    • and finally  a third 12.3” (like the one in the frame) for an individual infotainment system available for the front passenger
  • Living space is impressive , with a true 3-seat rear seat with plenty of legroom, shoulder room, and headroom.
  • Rear air conditioning is controlled from the center console.
  • The insulation is extraordinary, with almost no noise being perceived in circulation.
  • Visual and tactile comfort have been taken care of to the maximum, with wood and carbon fiber trim, padding and a leather panel covering and a somewhat “retro” steering wheel that incorporates all possible touch control technology .

State-of-the-art propellers and good autonomy

Initially, the Mercedes EQE was presented in its 350 version , with an electric motor of 292 CV (215 kW) and 54 mkg of torque, with rear- wheel drive and consumption of 19.9 to 15.7 kW/h/100 km, which which provides a range of 545 km in the least, reaching up to 660 km .

Versions with different powers and with 4Matic all-wheel drive with a second motor for said all-wheel drive are already announced, as well as AMG versions that will be called EQE 43 and 53 , with 400 and 530 CV , and below, EQE 250 and 300 versions with powers less than 200 kW and batteries with a lower capacity ( 72 kW/h ) and, consequently, autonomies of less than the 545 km mentioned.

The battery groups of the 350 have been concentrated under the floor of the car between the two axles, with a useful capacity of 90 kW/h , in order to achieve the aforementioned autonomy.

Your batteries can be recharged with both direct current (up to 170 kW and 32 minutes to reach 80% from 10% charge) or alternating current (with longer charging times depending on the type of charger and charging point employees).

Of course, the EQE has various levels of kinetic charge recovery , which are managed through the use of its 4 driving modes (Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual) .

Equipment to the maximum with very sophisticated aids

The EQE ‘s driving aids are completely cutting-edge and are already advancing towards autonomous driving in a very direct way:

  • Obstacle avoidance maneuver assistant
  • Distronic adaptive cruise control
  • automatic emergency braking
  • steering guidance
  • traffic sign reader

Even if you have all these driving aids, don’t forget that MAPFRE makes its  Electric and Hybrid Car Insurance available to you with the possibility of contracting only the protections that best suit you and your vehicle.

With regard to comfort, its contents are exceptional , drawing attention to the following:

  • Special cabin air purification  (via Energizing Air Control Plus)
  • Activation of functions by voice recognition
  • OTA (Over The Air) updates for the multimedia or driving system in general, and for  remote functions from the mobile phone, activated by means of micropayments or subscriptions .

With regard to trim levels , initially one “Electric Art” access and another much more complete and sporty “AMG Line” will be offered , both being combinable with 4 optional packages (Advanced, Advanced Plus, Premium and Premium Plus) , achieving So a really wide offer.

As always, a special version called “ EQE Edition One ” will be made available at launch with very broad and specific content.

The prices of the model will be communicated by the Brand practically at the time of its launch, which is expected in the second part of 2022 .

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