Miquel Antolín (Freshly): «Audiences need us to speak their same

Miquel Antolín (Freshly): «Audiences need us to speak their same language and for this TikTok is perfect»

TikTok , together with PrestaShop, have participated in a meeting that took place this Wednesday at the Talent Garden in Madrid , where both companies analyzed the new opportunities for SMEs in Spain through digitization.

In order for the Spanish business fabric to recover significantly, it must go through a profound digitization process. Reaching new audiences, optimizing management processes and giving added value to customer management have become the main business challenges of many companies for this 2022.

In this sense, the union between the Chinese social network and the electronic commerce platform in this initiative has as its main objective to consolidate its commitment to the growth of small and medium-sized companies. 

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PrestaShop and TikTok, at the service of SMEs

This meeting was attended by Jorge González, Country Manager of PrestaShop Spain and Latam; Teba Lorenzo , director of Brand Relations for TikTok Spain and Miquel Antolín , CEO and founder of Freshly Cosmetics, which both González and Lorenzo referred to as a success story on both platforms . “Having the support of TikTok is a unique opportunity for merchants using PrestaShop, as it allows them to access, through a few clicks, the one billion active TikTok users in the world, and thus grow their business. » , said González about the event.

In fact, according to Teba Lorenzo on her platform «67% of the audience is over 25 years old, many are entrepreneurs. Our platform gives brands the ability to reach large audiences. We encourage them to show their personality, to be authentic and add value to the community. Now the didactic content with an educational component triumphs».

For his part, Miquel Antolín states that “from the beginning we trusted PrestaShop for our eCommerce platform, and this 2021 we managed to close with a turnover of more than 50 million euros. Much of this success is based on our brand image and how our products create experiences that are shared across digital platforms. Audiences need us to speak their language, and TikTok is perfect for that .”

The case of Freshly Cosmetics

We have already told you about it on other occasions: Freshly Cosmetics is a young company specialized in natural cosmetics that in recent years has been experiencing exponential growth and making its catalog much larger. A growth that earned it the jury of the Ecommerce Awards to recognize it as the best eCommerce in Spain in 2021.

The brand has achieved a very considerable performance and reach with its social media strategy , in which it stands out having managed to generate more than 115,000 visits to its website through campaigns on TikTok. «At Freshly Cosmetics we already have more than a million customers spread throughout Europe and a catalog of 80 products on the market. On TikTok we have almost 40,000 followers, specifically 39,200 and more than 25 million views » , comments Miquel Antolín.

For his part, the Country Manager of PrestaShop Spain, Jorge Gonzalez, assures that “the union with TikTok allows merchants like Freshly to take advantage of the full potential of sales on digital platforms, accessing a community of more than one billion users around the world. the world and improving technological solutions to serve the growth of its activity».

Meanwhile, on the influence of TikTok in the way of advertising for brands, Teba Lorenzo, as a representative of the Asian social network, highlights that “with Freshly we have seen, once again, how TikTok serves as a discovery springboard for brands. brands and products that our community loves. Our goal is to help companies, regardless of their size, to take advantage of the full potential of the platform, not only to strengthen their notoriety, but also to develop their sales.”

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