NEXT Loyalty 2022: the event on the latest trends in customer loyalty

Our NEXT events stand out for being a true storm of digital trends, in which we analyse, talk and learn about the latest developments in the eCommerce sector in Spain while promoting networking among attendees.

Since the first of our NEXT in 2018, this format has shown us that it is a success for the attendees, so… guess what we are preparing for the month of March ? 😉

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The latest trends in loyalty, to debate on March 23

On this occasion, we wanted to focus the event on the field of  loyalty,  one of the most multifaceted in the digital world and one of the greatest importance when it comes to achieving what all eCommerce companies seek: to  sell more .

The perfect meeting to present and discuss the new trends in the metaverses, the role of automation and influencers in customer loyalty or how to make the most of the potential of our own channels, in which we want to have your presence again . This is all that we have prepared so that you cannot resist coming.

Agenda de NEXT Loyalty 2022

At 09:00 in the morning,  Rubén Bastón , director of Marketing4eCommerce, will be in charge of getting the day off to a good start, presenting you with everything you can discover below.

09:15 a.m.- NFTs as brand community generators.

Rubén Mancera , CMO at StadioPlus, will be in charge of opening the day. Can you imagine having a ticket to the first Beatles concert? So far we can read.

9:45 a.m.- Campaigns to work on loyalty.

The first of the round tables of the day will have a very interesting approach for ecommerce managers. We will analyze the best campaigns and tools that an e-commerce can have to retain its customers, all of this from the hand of Carlos Molina , CEO of Tidart; Pol Gómez , CRM & Marketing Automation Consultant at Retail Rocket; and Yeray Fraga , Lead Sales Iberia at Skeepers.

10:30 a.m.- What can we learn from influencers about how to connect with our customers.

Surely more than one has wondered how is it that this person has so many followers? Or why should I include influencers in my marketing strategies to help me create a community and build loyalty? These and many other reflections will be resolved by Itziar Oltra , CMO at Airhopping.

11:30 a.m.- How loyalty works in metaverses.

Tox Sam (Daniel García), founder of CryptoAvatars, will explain to us the keys to loyalty in the metaverses, what role personalization plays in making these worlds increasingly fashionable and, above all, what lessons can be extrapolated to online stores.

12:00 p.m.- Take advantage of automations to encourage repurchase

Automations can make the difference between a leading online store and another of the bunch. Luis Flores , Digital Business Director at Gioseppo, will tell us about the latest trends in automation, as well as the must-haves that an e-commerce must have to take its sales to another level.

12:30 p.m.- Achieve loyalty by working on our own channels.

Georgina Rifé , CMO at Cocunat; and Valentín Hernández , Marketing Head at Samsung; They will be in charge of showing us how to ensure that your own channels (email, app, sms, customer service…) are not only means of communication, but also become your best actions: hypervaluable assets to reach more consumers and take your business to a new level.  

1:15 p.m.- Case Study: how Multiópticas uses customer service to build loyalty.

The finishing touch will be one of the leading brands in our country, Multiópticas. Diego Revilla , Ecommerce & Marketing Automation Manager, will give us a few insights into how they deal with online customer service in combination with their physical stores, with cases of actions that work better even those that have not worked, all to encourage repurchase.

Who helps us in NEXT Loyalty 2022

One more year, we have to thank the big recognized brands that have given us a cable so that NEXT comes out as well as possible:

First of all, our Gold Sponsors : Skeepers , the SaaS solution to address all your Customer Engagement challenges ; and Retail Rocket , a Big Data multi-channel platform that helps online stores win back customers and increase sales. Thanks!

Tidart also collaborates , the digital media and data agency specialized in direct response through scientific methodology, will be our Silver Sponsor . And, finally, Bizum , the Spanish tool to help you send and receive online payments easily, will be our Bronze Sponsor . Thank you very much!

Where will we meet?

Let’s see each other again! On our return to face-to-face events there will be two coffee breaks (our Coffee Storms), because we want to be able to rest our heads and talk… and get to know each other, and if we are 80 or 100, that’s fine: good size for networking. We do not want more, we have already chosen a room with that capacity limit.

The event will be at White Lab , a multidisciplinary and bohemian space in the heart of the Castellana de Madrid, where we will also take all the sanitary measures to ensure an experience of 10.

And the official hashtag?

The official hashtag will be  #NEXTLoyalty .

If you have come this far, you are undoubtedly interested, so… We are waiting for you next Wednesday, March 23, 2022!

Tickets for NEXT Loyalty are already on sale : get your place now in an original, participatory, face-to-face event… and essential to learn about the latest trends in one of the most dynamic sectors of the digital world.

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