Punto by Ze, Futura Teck and Art, the best sellers of the year

Punto by Ze, Futura Teck and Art, the best sellers of the year in the PcComponentes marketplace

PcComponentes has celebrated the first edition of the PcComponentes Marketplace Awards 2022, awards that recognize the work of the sellers and partners of its marketplace, and reinforce the support of the Murcian company for the SMEs that are part of its digital platform. In total, €3,200 were awarded in prizes and various benefits.

The top three sellers were Punto by Ze, Futura Teck, and Art ; and the three best tools (official partners) of the marketplace were Boardfy, Turylogistics and Shoppingfeed.

The event, which was broadcast exclusively through Marketing4eCommerce’s Twitch, YouTube and LinkedIn channels, was presented by our director, Rubén Bastón . The awards ceremony was led by David Morales, ecommerce manager at PcComponentes, and Rocío Colmenar, brand & communications manager at Unilae. During the meeting, the results that the company had in 2021 were also announced and the launch of Unilae was discussed, a much more ambitious marketplace with more categories, which seeks to compete globally with the heavyweights of online sales.

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The categories that were awarded

These recognitions, in which all sellers with active sales for at least a year have participated, have had the categories Best Seller, Quality & Service and Breakout Seller . The election has taken into account different aspects that have resulted in the following winners:

  • Best Seller has been awarded to ART, for having excellent quality and billing statistics, which has made them worthy of the €1,500 prize in PcAds as well as personalized training so that they can improve their campaign strategies and focused optimization in the categories and products that it sells through the PcComponentes digital platform.
  • The Quality&Service award has recognized Futura Teck for its excellent service and customer care, with a low percentage of incidents and rejection of orders, as well as a good evaluation by customers. This award will allow the company to have a €1,000 balance and an advertising promotion campaign within the Marketplace created specifically for them.
  • Breakout Seller went to Punto by Ze , for being the store that has grown the most in the last year. Thanks to this recognition you will receive ad hoc advice and recommendations for your business from the experts at PcComponentes and €800 to invest in PcAds.

The Madrid store ART does not have a website at the moment, since it is dedicated exclusively to selling on the marketplace. It is a group of young professionals specialized in the stationery sector and alternative consumables for printers . In addition to the quality of the service, they seek to develop an environmentally friendly business .

Boardfy, Turylogistics and Shoppingfeed, best tools of the year

In addition to rewarding the best sellers, the company wanted to recognize those tools ( official partners of PcComponentes ), which Rocío Colmenar calls « ‘ life solvers’ , since through their services, they help to facilitate the operation of the store to our sellers, in matters as important as logistics , catalog increase , financing, price synchronization …».

For his part, David Morales explained that by having the support of these brands, ” customers know that their service is excellent and that they will have all the support and support of PcComponentes Marketplace “.

The 3 award-winning tools were:

  • Boardfy: a price monitoring tool, which within the PcComponentes marketplace, developed a module with native Mirakl integration, which allows sellers to have dynamic prices to improve competitiveness and profit margins.
  • Turylogistics: is the company’s preferred logistics provider, capable of offering a fulfillment service to all sellers through direct integration with the marketplace.
  • Shoppingfeed: is a tool of French origin, which allows you to synchronize and manage your products and orders with the market, channels and advertising spaces.

A marketplace that was born in 2018 and has not stopped growing

The company, of Murcian origin, began as a project exclusively dedicated to computing and technology. In 2018, he decided to launch his own marketplace and in 2022 he plans to launch a new, much more ambitious online sales space.

“When we opted to become a technology marketplace, we did so with an eye toward the needs of our customers, so that they could access more products from our platform ,” explains David Morales, “ Since then, we have continued to incorporate selected stores on a regular basis. demanding and careful to continue offering the best customer experience. The winners of this first edition of our awards are just three examples of vendors who have allowed us to continue meeting goals and these awards want to recognize their effort.

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