The environmental impact of Black Friday: an increasingly black Friday

Did you know that Black Friday, which is celebrated next Friday, November 26, has serious repercussions for the environment? One of the main harmful effects generated by this commercial event is the disproportionate use of raw materials for the production of new products. Know more about galaxy lamp projector.

According to data from Greenpeace, in 2019 only Black Friday generated 1.7% of the annual CO2 emissions of the city of Madrid, six times more than a normal day.

In order to analyze the behavior and purchase intention of consumers on the next Black Friday, we have carried out a survey on a sample of more than 2,100 people.

We analyze what consumers think about the environmental impact of Black Friday

  • 75% of those surveyed think that this event encourages compulsive consumption
  • 70% are aware that Black Friday generates an overproduction of new products and can multiply CO2 emissions by six
  • 51% believe that Black Friday has consequences for the environment. You might be interested in minecraft creeper.
  • And 64% believe that Black Friday causes excessive spending of money

Increasingly responsible consumer

But not all data is negative:

The survey shows a change in the consumer profile, increasingly responsible. In this sense, 74% of those surveyed say that they will buy some second-hand option during Black Friday and the same percentage maintains that they will only buy those items that they really need. Learn more about creeper minecraft.

Why will they opt for second-hand products?

Regarding the reasons that will lead the respondents to choose a second-hand product, 37% highlight the price, while the second option chosen by 25.44% of the respondents is that they do it for a sustainable issue: with the reuse of products. help reduce carbon footprint.

How much money will consumers spend this Black Friday?

When asked how much they estimate they are going to spend during this period, 49% of those surveyed affirm that they will reach a figure greater than 100 euros, 34% believe that their spending will be between 50 and 100 euros, and 15% considers that his investment will not reach 50 euros.

The second hand as an alternative to the effects of Black Friday on the environment:

From Cash Converters we want to be the alternative to this great event that causes harmful effects on the environment. Because the second hand is not only the most economical way to acquire top brand items with all the guarantees, but it also encourages conscious consumption. Reusing items helps to reduce the cost of raw materials and energy, while making better use of resources.

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