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Natural stone-look tiles have become considerably more popular in recent years. Your choice is huge. There are small, large, rectangular, square, dark and light tiles . The imagination knows no limits. In principle, they can be used sensibly and stylishly anywhere in and around the house. The quality is decisive for their processing. Choose Infinite Leisure swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai. Different materials have different requirements when it comes to laying tiles. Therefore, it should be clarified in advance whether the desired tiles also meet the needs of the respective user. The materials have different characteristics, such as fire temperature or water absorption. This results in the corresponding application area: it can be a tile absorbing very little water and is better suited for outdoor use as it offers excellent frost protection. Incidentally, ceramic tiles, in combination with underfloor heating, provide a perfect variety because the floor tiles allow the underfloor heating to work in a particularly energy-saving manner, and the heat is evenly distributed over the tiles. Experts always recommend buying ceramic tiles if you have underfloor heating. Check out more at our Blog.

Tiles in natural stone look – comfortable and easy to care for

Tiles with an attractive natural stone look bring a noble sandstone look and elegant marble shine into your home. The modern large format of high-quality tiles makes laying easier and visually stands out from earlier tile formats and their small-scale patterns. Deceptively real traced colour gradients can bring out the imitated aesthetics of the natural stone even better on larger surfaces.

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