Top: the best apps and websites to look for a job (2022)

We live in turbulent times and the search for work can become an odyssey. Whether you’re looking for your first job or hunting for your seventh, it’s very important to know  how to search as effectively as possible . The great news is that new technologies and the Internet provide us with more tools than in the past, where tracking was more face-to-face than virtual. Now there are countless  apps and job search pages that allow you to find work more comfortably and quickly.

Also, you can sign up for specialized job search groups or channels, such as the Telegram space  that we have launched from the  Marketing4eCommerce Academy . There you will have daily offers to cover positions related to digital marketing and eCommerce in Spain and Latin America. 

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Essential websites and apps to look for a job

In this way, to make it less of a headache for you, we present the top (in alphabetical order)  with the best pages and apps  to look for a job in Spain.


This employment portal was founded in 2015 and belongs to the  Eurofirms group , one of the most important HR companies in Spain. The strong point of  CornerJob  is that  in a minute you can register  to be able to access job offers. To make it faster and easier, you just have to enter the necessary data (name, telephone, email and location) and indicate what type of job you are looking for. You also have the option to  log in with Facebook .

Actually, it is not necessary to enter the CV, although there is the possibility of uploading it to the platform -for some companies it is recommended-. As it is based on geolocation, offers close to your location are shown. Although you can choose to select other cities or countries such as  France , Italy and Mexico. Another interesting aspect of this platform is that  both applicants and employers can chat to talk  about the conditions of the vacancy: hours, what the job would be like, etc…


Domestika is one of the fastest growing creative communities on the internet, which has earned it the support of investors and become one of the few Spanish unicorns . Its main focus is on digital training, with a wide range of courses ranging from areas such as marketing and business to calligraphy, fashion or crafting. Beyond that, it also has a section of job offers focused on the same training areas present on its platform. In this way they offer an opportunity for both their students and others in search of employment, to be able to locate one that fits their needs and abilities.

Job offers are available for much of Spain, as well as international locations. On the other hand, the offers are duly identified according to the type, being these: Full time, Part time, Freelance, Projects or Internships.


Marketing and other digital disciplines are the ones that are currently in vogue, so if you develop within this current EmploymentMarketing is the ideal place for you. Founded in 2014, this platform has job offers exclusively related to online marketing. In other words, applications can be made for community manager positions , SEO or SEM expert , marketing manager blogger or web designer , etc…

Likewise, EmpleoMarketing is a completely free platform, where users can apply for job offers quickly and easily, without having to fill out a long form. It also allows you to register job offers without the need to register on the platform.


If you are in the process of actively searching, it would be a mistake for you to forget about Indeed, one of the best apps to search for a job. It is one of the main portals worldwide and has more than 250 million unique monthly users . It is a very useful option, since in addition to having its own offers, it offers a list of jobs available on  other employment websites and company pages .

Every time you enter this platform you have the option to see the new jobs published since the last time you entered the app. If you want to apply for a job, you can choose to select the CV you have on Indeed or upload a file from your computer/mobile device and also send a personalized message. Not only that, on Indeed you can see  millions of reviews of companies  you aspire to work for, save jobs to sign up for later, create reminders, and much more.


Among the apps and websites to search for Spanish jobs, Infoempleo stands out, one of the  most used job search portals in Spain . It has more than  30 years of experience in the sector and already has more than 6 million users. It also has its own training portal, Advance your career , which brings together hundreds of training, guidance and advice offers.

The application has both national and international offers and gives the option to check  the status of the applications at any time . Its operation is very simple, as it happens with other portals, it gives you the possibility to sign up for offers with just one click and save searches for the next times you visit the app. It also has sections to give advice on  how to write a CV and how to successfully pass job interviews .


Infojobs  needs little introduction, since for years it has been one of the great references when it comes to  looking for a job online in Spain . This platform allows you to search for a job throughout the Spanish geography, although it also has a tab to search abroad. Infojobs allows you to search by position, sector, city, experience, salary, hours, type of contract and even by the name of the company.

One of the best aspects of this website is that it is very well structured. When you perform a search, you can  filter the results to get more specific job offers  and recommend other offers based on previous searches and your profile. Job offers are usually very detailed, can be sent to friends, and  up to 5 cover letters can be saved .

One of the big drawbacks of Infojobs is that it does not allow you to save jobs to register later. As with other job search apps, it has a very interesting section with news related to the sector and useful tips for job search.

Job Today

Job Today  is a very handy app and is quite similar to CornerJob . The difference is that Job Today is  specialized in retail, restaurant and customer service jobs. Its operation is very fast and simple and candidates can apply for offers with just a few clicks. As with CornerJob, employers and applicants can chat without intermediaries in real time. One of the coolest things is that candidates are guaranteed to get  a response on their application within 24 hours .

On the other hand, for those employers who have a restaurant or a business, this application is also very useful. They can quickly post a job and find candidates instantly. What’s more: they can access a  large database with  relevant information on each profile so that the selection processes are more agile. There are also Premium plans that offer access to additional features for searching candidates.


Jooble is an international job search platform with a presence in more than 70 countries. In Spain alone, job offers reach 83,600. With a history of more than 15 years, Jooble has managed to position itself among the first employment platforms in the world, this in terms of web traffic in the jobs and careers segment.

On the other hand, it has a fairly simple interface, it is possible to access the different offers without having to be registered on the platform. Although if it is, it is possible to receive offers periodically according to the requests made and by email. It also has different filters to make the search more specific and with a voice search function.


Of course, if you’re looking for a job, you need to be active on LinkedIn to increase your career opportunities. More than a job portal,  Linkedin is a social network  that allows you to get in touch with people related to your sector and with potential employers, although companies also use it to publish their job vacancies (in which you can register). You have at your disposal  millions of jobs around the world  that you can request through the app, it also offers you job recommendations adapted to your profile.

What sets LinkedIn apart from the rest is that it can be used as a virtual CV that the whole world can see. You have the possibility to  highlight achievements, responsibilities and previous work experiences . There is the Premium option to access exclusive tools where the subscription has a trial month and is automatically renewed monthly. It can be canceled at any time.

On the other hand, for companies there is the option of downloading  Linkedin Recruiter , which allows them to keep up to date with the selection processes, contact candidates, evaluate profiles and save those that fit well with their projects.


More than a job website,  Milanuncios  is a  virtual board  that allows you to post all kinds of ads, including those related to job search. It is the  largest app for classified ads  in Spain (job offers, rental and sale of flats, purchase-sale of second-hand items, books, mobile phones, video games, clothing, furniture, bicycles and anything worth its salt).

Its operation is very simple and you do not have to enter any personal data. You can  search to see if there is any offer of your interest and contact the advertiser – you can filter by publication date, category, province or autonomous community. Or you can even publish your own ad offering yourself to work (although you run the risk that all kinds of people will contact you and not precisely to offer you a job). Each of the ads offers interesting statistics. For example, the times you have been listed, shared or contacted, etc.


Monster is a 100% free web and app platform and one of the most popular for job search, which works in several countries. It started over 20 years ago as an analog job board and has evolved into a  global provider that also offers recruitment and talent management services . According to its own data, more than 7,500 jobs are searched for on this platform every minute.

Its operation is very simple and does not differ too much from any job portal. Its interface is very intuitive and  allows you to reject offers by dragging them . Allows you to create a profile and/or upload a CV file. At the same time, it allows you to configure the search criteria and then request the offers with a single click. On the other hand, it allows defining the perimeter around a location with filters to optimize the search and make it more specific. You can find all the offers you have requested in the request history.


OpcionEmpleo is a search engine specialized in jobs, which locates the different job offers available on the internet. For this, it has a system of intelligent agents that, through an interlocking group of computers, track the web and identify job listings on the Internet. In this way they extract publications from employment networks and small recruitment agencies, to specialized recruitment sites. Achieving with this a scan of around 58,000 sites daily.

On the other hand, OpcionEmpleo is present both in Spain and in 90 other countries with interfaces translated into 28 languages, thus offering a global means for job search; In Spain alone, it has more than 80,000 jobs available. For professionals, it offers the opportunity to upload a previously prepared CV, or create one from scratch using its practical tool.


SimplyHired is a job search engine with an international presence, with more than 20 years of experience. Its commitment is very simple: offer a search engine in the purest Google style in which to find job offers segmented by location, type of employment, working day, etc.

Ticjob focuses its proposal on the technological area , with a presence in markets such as Spain, France or Germany. Among its offers, there is a large representation of proposals in areas such as programming, data analysis, computer security, support, database managers…


Turijobs deserves a special mention among the best apps to search for a job, since it is the leading job portal specialized in  tourism and hospitality  in Spain. So if you are looking for a job in this sector, this platform is a great alternative. Its app is a simple and very practical tool that allows applicants to search and  sign up for offers in just 3 minutes .

You can  create alerts related to your sector of interest  so you don’t have to be aware of when they are published. For example, adjust your location and the job opportunity you’re looking for and the app itself when jobs are available like those features. That’s why don’t forget to keep your resume always updated.

Welcome to the Jungle

In addition to being recognized as a Guns N’ Roses song, Welcome to the Jungle is a web platform that, more than an employment portal, works as  a multi-platform means of communication  that seeks to motivate each person during the development of their professional career.

It offers the possibility of searching for job offers at the same time that it provides  very useful guides  to applicants. Not just articles, it proposes a wide range of content – videos, series, podcasts, magazines or events – to help young people and not so young people in their job search.

Similarly, Welcome to the Jungle has created a space with more than  3,000 company profiles with videos and statistics  (number of employees, parity, average age) to be useful to potential candidates. For recruiters, it offers the  “Welcome Kit” tool , which allows them to post unlimited job offers and manage each application intuitively and collaboratively with other team members.

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