Tune the car and your insurance

Tuning car insurance includes specific coverage as they have special accessories and benefits. Fans of speed and this unique aesthetic should be clear about how policies work in these cases.

The practice of tuning a vehicle is to personalize it with flashy accessories to change its appearance. It is also about altering the mechanical features that it includes from the factory to achieve more power, grip or acceleration. In these cases, it is important to know how the coverage works in tuning car insurance to adequately protect all the new components. Know more about Nissan ne shitje.

First of all, you should keep in mind that insuring one of these models is not an easy task. Insurers associate the numerous accessories with a higher level of risk, so in addition to hiring a specific policy, it is usually necessary to pay a higher premium. 

What is needed to take out tuning insurance?

One of the first mandatory requirements to subscribe to the necessary insurance coverage for a tuning car is to verify that all the elements that have been added to the vehicle are approved . Subsequently, each supplement must be declared in the policy .

To find out which modifications and accessories are legal, you must follow the Vehicle Reform Manual prepared by the Ministry of Industry in accordance with European legislation. In general, all points that may cause a modification of the information contained in the ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection) card must be homologated.

The documents needed for approval are:

  • Installation certificate issued by the workshop that carried out the reform.
  • Conformity report that must be issued by a laboratory specialized in testing automotive parts.
  • Technical project that determines the resistance and flexibility of the vehicle’s materials.
  • Brand, reference and technical characteristics of the accessories that have been added.
  • Vehicle photos.

Once the specific modifications have been made, you must go to an ITV station to pass the corresponding revision of the car. In this case, the owner must present all the documentation to prove that any change complies with current legislation.

What car tuning cases are included in the insurance?

A priori, no car insurance covers a tuning vehicle that has undergone different reforms in its operation or has been equipped with multiple accessories. To access the protection of a policy, it is necessary to homologate the parts as we have mentioned and notify the company of all the modifications that have been made.

In case of not doing so, the owner of the car can face a penalty if the authorities require the specific documents. In addition, in case of being involved in an accident, the insurer is not responsible for the damage caused .

It is necessary to report any change that occurs in the car to update the policy to the new value. The accessories that are not contemplated in the contract do not appear as insured and, therefore, in the event of suffering an accident, the owner must bear the cost of their repair or replacement.

How are the insurances of a tuning car?

Therefore, the insurer can only be held responsible for the possible tuning elements that the vehicle incorporates as standard if they were declared at the time of signing the contract. To have specific tuning insurance, it is advisable to assess everything that you want to protect and make a comparison between the most effective coverages.

Normally, tailored policies are designed where some of the guarantees that assist conventional vehicles and other more specific ones that tuned models need are combined. Among the latter are, for example, the specialized expert service and the repair of additional parts.

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