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After a few months looking for a job, sending resumes to a large number of companies and not receiving any calls, being summoned for an interview is, in addition to a small personal victory, a new opportunity to introduce yourself to the company personally, to publicize a closer way to one’s strengths and to be able to opt for the vacancy we wish to fill with greater security.

But, on the other hand, it is possible that after the momentary joy of being chosen for a job interview wears off, we start to worry about having to face it. The nerves to make a good presentation of oneself, the way they have to do the interview (individual or group), the questions to which they can submit us… As we do not know these answers, it is logical that we can go nervous, especially if we have not conducted many interviews throughout our professional career. To help you, at OneHOWTO we explain what the most common tests are in a job interview .

The group interview

Companies can conduct interviews to incorporate new personnel in two ways: personal and group . Each of these ways implies certain tests that are usually different from each other, since the dynamics established in the development of the interviews is not the same in one case as in the other.

If you arrive at the address provided by the company to do the interview and see a few people waiting at the door, the most logical thing is that group dynamics tests will be carried out. Companies often choose this method when they have several positions to fill (for example, in the case of employment agencies) or when it is a position that requires very specific characteristics and skills, which are best discovered by comparing the different candidates . Normally these are interviews that last several hours.

format of a group interview

  • Presentation of the company : First of all, they will present the company and its objectives. If, for example, it is a placement agency, they will present the different companies.
  • Personal presentation : afterwards, they will ask you for a presentation of each one.
  • Trying to solve a problem – Then, the tests will begin. The first is usually a situation in which a very specific job problem needs to be solved, so you will have to explain your reaction to this unforeseen event and the actions you take to solve it.
  • Priority order test : later, a priority order test is presented, that is, several situations are presented at the same time and they must be ordered depending on which ones would be attended to and resolved first and which ones later.
  • Proof of how you would do a task : and the most important proof is usually a description of how you would perform one or more tasks that are going to be part of your day to day in the job you are applying for.

The tests described are usually the most common , but other similar ones may also appear, all of them aimed at being resolved in a group dynamic. It is possible that at the end of these tests, each one will have to face a personal interview.

For more information, you can read this other HOWTO article on How to act in a group job interview .

personal job interview

The other way of conducting interviews is personal and is usually carried out by smaller companies that prefer to meet the candidate personally and assess in a more particular way if he fits the profile they want. It is possible that some test, such as ordering priorities or resolving a crisis in the workplace, will also appear in this type of interview, but what is most important is the personal questionnaire .

How to go to a job interview

Before facing a personal interview, it is very important that you take into account your image and the way in which you face the test. We advise you to come with clothing that you feel comfortable but formal and that you try to maintain a positive attitude . This will make you show confidence in yourself, which is a key factor for this type of interview.

Questions in a job interview

The questions will be asked by one or more people from human resources and from the department to which the offered position corresponds. The most frequent are:

  • What has been your professional career?
  • What is your experience level for the required position?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • What do you know about our company?

Tips for a job interview

  • Show a relaxed and confident attitude.
  • List your career path chronologically, from oldest to newest, unless otherwise requested.
  • Prepare a little your possible answers at home.
  • Find out about the company before going to the interview. On the Internet you will find everything you need.

language tests

Another section to take into account is that of languages. Surely they ask to access the job to master one or more languages. If so, most likely one of the tests described above will be conducted in that language , so that they can assess your level of that language and whether you are able to understand and speak it effectively.

In the group interview, the most common is that you have to do a task specific to the position you are applying for in that language, while if it is a personal interview, you will probably be asked to provide relevant information about yourself , for example about your likes or hobbies, in that language. In the latter case, we recommend that you prepare a small presentation about yourself before going to the interview, so that you have something prepared and your nerves do not betray you.

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